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steel perforated sheet


Product Description:

steel perforated sheet

steel perforated sheet, made of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel or another metal sheet, can be punched with round holes, oval, rectangular, square, slot, diamond, hexagonal, flower, leaf and other unique holes shapes. All can be produced according to your unique requirements. Steel perforated sheet comes in a selection of hole shapes, sizes, gauges and material types. Used for its variety of holes sizes, percentage of open area, high strength-to-weight ratio and aesthetic appeal, Perforated Metal has endless applications such as enclosures, partitions, sign panels, guards, screens, and more.

The material of the perforated sheet is mainly made of metal, iron plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate are the most commonly used. The pattern of the punching net is divided according to the shape of the hole; round hole, square hole, long round hole and hexagon are standard. The perforated sheet is often used as industry decoration perforated mesh in some construction industries.

In the perforated sheet filed to follow a principle, the aperture should be greater than or equal to the thickness of the sheet metal to comply with the minimum aperture principle. The closer the hole diameter is to the thickness of the plate, the more complex the machining is and the higher the processing fee is. In some materials, the aperture can be smaller than the thickness of the plate.

Now let's talk about the arrangement of punch holes:

(1) straight line----as following picture shows)

(2) 60 ° staggered----(as following picture shows)

(3) 45 ° staggered----(as following picture shows)

(4) square hole----(as the following picture shows)

(5) long round hole (straight row)---(as following picture shows)

(6) long round hole----(as the following picture shows)

(7) hexagonal hole----(as the following picture shows)

Product Features

1. Strong bearing force
2. Flexible installation and easy to clean
3. Good shock absorption ability and good muffling effect
4. Lighter weight and good stability

  1. Thickness: gauge 3 to 36 or as your requirement
  2. Sheet size: 1ft. × 4ft., 2ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 8ft., or customized.
  3. Material: AISI1018, 1144, 12L14, 8620, ASTM A36, A653, A366, A513, etc. Other standards materials are also available as your requirements.

Specification steel perforated sheet

Perforated Metal Mesh - Main Material Physical Performance
Material Tensile strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa) Elongation at break (10%)
1018 440 370 15
1144 745 620 10
12L14 540 415 10
8620 530 385 25
A36 400 - 500 250 20
A653 400 - 550 250 20
A366 300 - 350 180 - 240 42-48
A513 600 500 10





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