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stainless steel rope mesh


Product Description:

The stainless steel rope mesh is also called stainless steel cable mesh, stainless steel cable netting, stainless steel cable wire mesh, wire rope mesh, wire cable netting, zoo mesh, wire rope woven mesh. It's mainly used for building facades, green wall systems, balustrade mesh infill systems, enclosures for an animal in zoos, safety fences and nets etc.

Mesh Direction

Material SS 304, 316, 316L Mesh Opening 60×104mm
Rope Diameter 1.5mm OW 60mm
Angle 60° OH 104mm

Available in ferruled type and weave type.

Specification stainless steel rope mesh

Rope dia. 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm


7×7 * * 7×19 7×19

Single Wire TS


1770 * * 1570 1570
Opening Rope Diameter
OW×OH 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm
20 × 35 OR1020        
25 × 43 OR1025 OR1525      
35 × 61 OR1035 OR1535      
40 × 69 OR1040 OR1540 OR2040    
50 × 87 OR1050 OR1550 OR2050 OR3050  
60 × 104 OR1060 OR1560 OR2060 OR3060 OR4060
70 × 121 OR1070 OR1570 OR2070 OR3070 OR4070
80 × 139 OR1080 OR1580 OR2080 OR3080 OR4080
100 × 173 OR10100 OR15100 OR20100 OR30100 OR40100
120 × 242 OR10120 OR15120 OR20120 OR30120 OR40120
160 × 277 OR10160 OR15160 OR20160 OR30160 OR40160
180 × 312 OR10180 OR15180 OR20180 OR30180 OR40180
200 × 346 OR10200 OR15200 OR20200 OR30200 OR40200

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh has characteristic property and capacity to replace other steel wire mesh in a particular application.

  • Unique design idea.3D structure, flexible, beautiful, fine detail and craftsmanship, multifunctional.
  • Lightweight, High opening area...
  • Corrosion-resistant allows strong airflow.
  • Total pro-environment, recyclable, no toxic, non-flammable.
  • Maintenance-free, don't need any special cleaning.
  • 30-50 years guaranteed.

Main Features:

1. The stainless cable rope mesh is clipped to the cable.
2. The hole size and diameter can be modified.
3. It can be made to customer orders and statically tested – especially suitable for facades.
4. High strength, strong toughness,free-angles curving and fold, easy transportation and instalment.
5. Anti-corrosive, resist the rust, can be repeated use.
6 . Resists chewing by rodents and other pests ( wire rope tensile strength approximately 100-110,000 PSI)
7. This product can very much bear the heavy snow and gale.
8. stainless steel rope mesh Without toxic material, safety, environmental protection.





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