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stainless mesh filter


Product Description:

the stainless mesh filter is made of wire mesh woven mesh, composed of 1-6 layers of metal mesh stacked and sintered at a 45° angle. Generally, the stainless steel sintered mesh has a protective layer, a control layer, a support layer, a filter layer, and a reinforcing layer. A vacuum sintering process manufactures it. The layers of the layers are interlaced to form a uniform and ideal filtering structure.


Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Discs Feature

  • With high mechanical strength and compressive strength
  • Filtering accuracy ensures that it has a high stability
  • Good corrosion resistance, good heat resistance
  • Repeated use, long service life



Our Company has reached a high level of specialization and is equipped to manufacture Porous Filter in stainless mesh filter, bronze and brass wire and bronze & stainless steel powder, which filters could offer solutions for all types of requirements. The primary function of filtering liquids includes a. damping discharge noise emitted by pneumatic equipment; b. acting as flame-cutters; c. absorbing gas and liquid spills; d.protecting measuring equipment; e. separating two liquids with different surface tension. When a high level of resistance to oxidation or too high temperatures is not necessary or for more complicated shaped filters, sintered bronze powder filters are recommended.

We have deep technology and powerful production strength. Equipped with many particular types of equipment. Our main products are Bronze Agglomeration Filter parts, filter element, silencer(SS and sintered one), Noise-Elimination Exhaust throttle and so on.


stainless mesh filter specification

Product name
stainless mesh filter
Model KS054
Place of Origin Hebei
Unit of Measurement pcs
Color Silver
Material Stainless steel, the particular metal
Size SF 60 90
Diameter 6-500 mm
Working temperature -60℃-200℃
Working pressure ≥1Mpa
Meshes Custom
Distill, absorb, evaporate, screen; filtration applied in an oil refinery, chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mechanical, vessel, automobile, tractor, etc.
Structure Single or multi-layer, round, square, irregular shaped, sintered, rimed, etc.
Feature Simple structure, no deformation, clean and easy washing, re-using.





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