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sintered metal filter disc


Product Description:

Stainless Steel Metal Filter Disc, Metal Powder Sintered Porous Filter Disc


Ⅰ. Manufacturing Technique


stainless steel sintered metal filter disc is made of metal or alloy powder by forming and sintering at high temperatures and with a rigid structure.

Production Steps:

Filtrate-- Isostatic compaction--Vacuum sintering


the sintered metal filter disc contains a large number of interconnected or semi-connected pores, the pore structure is composed of regular and irregular powder particles, the size and distribution of pores and the size of porosity can be adjusted according to the powder particle size combination and preparation process to meet the actual needs of customers.


good permeability, pore size, and porosity are controllable, shape stability, high filtration accuracy, wear-proof, good mechanical properties, good thermal conductivity, heat resistance, heat dissipation performance, backflush, and reuse. Stainless steel sintered porous material allows for the use of the environment: Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, 5% hydrochloric acid, molten sodium, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, acetylene, hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas, water vapor, etc.


Ⅱ. Properties of sintered metal filter disc:

  1. High-temperature resistance, in regular use under 600 ℃.
  2. High mechanical strength good plasticity can be machined.
  3. Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, can be used in nitric acid, sulfuric acid, dilute hydrochloric acid (5%), acetic acid, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen environment.
  4. Good molding process, according to customer drawings for processing a molding.
  5. High filtration precision and good purification effect.
  6. The pores are uniform, the internal structure is stable, and no particles fall off.
  7. Good air permeability, easy to back blow cleaning, can be used repeatedly online regeneration.
  8. Wear resistance and impact resistance, good mechanical properties.

Ⅲ. Technical parameters of sintered metal filter disc

Material Filter Rating Porosity working pressure Operating temperature shape Penetrabiltity Specific surface area



0.5um-70um 30-45% 3.0MPa 600℃ Disc, Sheet, Tube, Round Bar, cap. 3-1300M³/M²hKPa 10-40cm²/cm³


Products Diameter/Length Diameter/Width Thickness Customized
Sintered porous round discs φ5-φ400mm φ5-φ400mm 1-20mm Yes
sintered porous sheet 5-600mm 5-600mm 1-20mm Yes
sintered porous tube 100-1200m φ20-φ200mm 1-10mm Yes
sintered porous cartridge 100-1200m φ20-φ200mm 1-10mm Yes


Ⅳ. Application Of sintered metal filter disc

According to stainless steel wire mesh physical and structural characteristics, stainless steel sintered porous materials are primarily used in the fields of noise elimination, filtration and separation, fluid distribution, flow-limiting, capillary core, and so on.

  1. The chemical raw material production process and impurity filtration, material decarburization filtration, and fine filtration.
  2. Ultrafiltration, RO, EDI system security filtration in water treatment.
  3. The food and beverage industry finished product clarification filtration.
  4. Filtration and recovery of the precious metal catalyst in the petrochemical industry.
  5. Precision filtration of liquid raw materials, products, and pharmaceutical intermediates in the chemical industry.
  6. Reverse osmosis security filtration in the field of water injection filtration.
  7. Gas purification of steam, compressed air deoiling purification.
  8. Medium purification and flow limitation for pneumatic components, lubricants, fuels, and hydraulic pressure systems.
  9. Chemical dye industry of high-temperature decarburization.





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