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rolling storage container


Product Description:

rolling storage container is an essential logistics storage, and transportation of containers, store items with fixed capacity stacked neatly and stored at a glance, accessible to the inventory, and improve the effective utilization of warehouse space. It can make foldable and stackable to save storage space when not used. Storage cage commonly used three kinds: the first kind is storage cage with wheels, the second is storage cage with the foot, can stackable, the third is the combination of the wheels and foot.

Feature rolling storage container 

  • 1) Ergonomic and easy to handle
  • 2) Colors can be optional
  • 3) add extra shelf board, add more storage space
  • 4) With trundles help easy to move
  • 5) Chrome Plated, Color Coating, Zinc Plated with Powder Coating
  • 6) Middle divided shelf for your choice
  • 7) Load capacity up to 1000 kgs
  • 8) OEM/ODM service support


1. rolling storage container can be used with the unloading platform, convenient loading and unloading of goods;
2. can make the production staging more specification;
3. folding collection does not occupy space;
4. applicable to the production line of spare parts classify deposit, be clear at a glance.
5. easy assembly line conveniently, improve work efficiency;
6. rapid and convenient dismounting saves more than a quarter of storage space.

Specification rolling storage container 

External Size(mm) Capacity(kg) Wheels(inch) Remarks
800*600*1450 500 5" can add an extra board
800*600*1700 500 5" can add an extra board
1100*800*1450 500 5" can add the layer board
1100*800*1700 500 5" can add the layer board

Nesting Folding Storage Roll Containers Frame design allows nesting when not in use, reducing space, great for reverse logistics. the rolling storage container can be used for logistic transport, supermarket, warehouse, laundry, etc. It is the best choice for conveying goods, and it has many functions such as turnover, storage, display and so on. With two universal and two-directional trundles that help easy to move. Pile up one by one, which save the keeping space. It can add extra shelf board add more storage space.





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