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garrison fencing

Type:rellis & Gates&Fencing
Materials:Q235 Steel
Treatment:Hot Dipped Galvanized And Powder Painted	
Color:Black ,Grey ,available Any RAL
Warranty:	5-25 Years Depand On Treatment	

Product Description:

Garrison Security Fencing Crimped Spear & Flat To Mitred 45° Top Designs

If you’re in the market for Garrison security fencing that Complies with Australian Standard that will effectively protect your properties without compromising aesthetics, consider BMP garrison fencing. We  provides high-quality commercial fencing services and products for property owners seeking quick and professional garrison sales plans. Hercules fencing is an excellent solution when you require a high level of security for your property but do not want to give the appearance of imprisonment or entrapment.

garrison fencing is practical for commercial and industrial purposes and regulated by council approval. This sturdy fence is made from welded steel or aluminum panels with a crimped arrowhead spear at the top, making it difficult for intruders to navigate. Garrison Fence makes intrusion extremely difficult. Finished with an aggressive pointed top, the fence is dangerous to climb. If entry is made, then exit is just as hard and often ends in arrest for the intruder. Available as standard 1800mm and 2100mm high, the fencing can be supplied as 1800mm or 2400mm and made to measure between pillars on front alignments.

Garrison fencing is available 2,3 4 rails depending on customer requirements. And the technology is available for punched rails and full weld rails with suitable pails. Gates also match and use heavy-duty hinges, providing years of trouble-free service. Lasting far longer than wire fencing solves the ongoing capital expenses of wire fence maintenance and replacement. Powdercoated to suit your landscape and building, this fence is the premium boundary solution for industrial and commercial properties.

Rails Number of Garrison Fencing

garrison fencing with 4 rails


1. Material: pre-galvanized steel tube.
2. Assembly method: vertical tube passing through the top and bottom rails and welded to the rails by stainless steel welded or silicon bronze welding.
3. Finishing: powder-coated, with the color of black, cream, or blue.
4. Package: in the pallet.

Finish and Treatment


Galvanized to be AS/NZS 1163

High Security

Powder coated to Be AS/NZS 4506-1998

Less Maintenance Cost

Powder coated thickness Minimum 80 microns

Anti-tamper-proof fasteners

Standard Color to Be Black

Minimal wind resistance

Powder Brand INTERPON

A long life span causes robust design and quality finish

Available all RAL Color Chart

Contemporary design with aesthetic appeal&Unattractive to graffiti vandalism

Garrison Fence Panels


Fencing Panels Height available 1.2 1.8 2.1& 2.4 Meter Width 2400mm

Industrial & commercial sites

Silicon bronze& stainless steel full welding

Boundary fencing

Each upright tubing Insert Rails or Face to  Face welding

Schools and Park

Flexible Upright spacing


Rails 40SHS  as a standard also available SHS40 and SHS50

Factory, School,Villa

Upright SHS25 ,SHS30 etc

public facilities fences

Post SHS 60 SHS 65SHS 80 &SHS 100

construction fences

Feature garrison fencing :

Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment.
Anti-oxidation and weather resistance.
Good impact resistance.
Dignified and generous.
Various colors are available.
Non-welding, assembly design.
Quick and easy installation.

Where required, these tubular steel fencing panels.

We provide garrison fencing solutions to various government and private business building professionals, including schools, subdivisions, road upgrades, wastewater facilities, electrical substations, local councils, roads, infrastructure and commercial projects. garrison fencing is widely used as ornamental fences for industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, and municipal construction.

  • Airport & harbor fencing.
  • Residential allotment fencing.
  • School security fencing.
  • Station fencing.
  • Garden & lawn fencing.
  • Factory & hotel fencing.
  • Parking lot fencing.
  • Park & pool fencing.
  • Power station fencing.
  • Highway & railway roadside fence.
  • Supermarkets & entertainment venues fence.
  • Balcony protective fence.
  • Stairway guardrail.

Flexible Customized Dimension of Fencing Panels

Garrison Security Panels. Often used in a more commercial application, the extra height of a Garrison Fence provides extra security and a strong visual deterrent to unwelcome trespassers. We carry a fantastic range of quality Garrison Fencing ranging from 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m to 2.4m high and a standard width of 2.4m (note we accept customized orders, so this can be customized in other different data such as 2350mm 2300mm)

Profiles of the garrison security fence

Our regular Garrison Fencing is made from pre-galvanized steel. After fabricating the panels, they are treated before powder coating. Our Garrison Fencing incorporates thicker 40x40rails and 25mmx25mm upright tubes for crimped spears or flat tops. Worth to Mentioned that school garrison fencing not only has the extra thick components but also is hot dip galvanized, giving extra corrosion resistance. Topped with firm pressed spears, our garrison fencing offers both a visual and physical deterrence to potential thieves. . If you require Hot Dip Galv materials for your fencing project, look no further. Hot Dip Galv Garrison Fencing has added corrosion resistance due to heavy zinc. The coating that is applied to the steel. It is ideal for salty environments close to water where extra protection against rust is required.

Specification Garrison Fencing

We offer A complete range of garrison fencings, such as garrison security fencing panels, fence posts, self-drill screws and bracket accessories. All powder coated to match the panels. With our reliable wholesale fencing stock availability and pre-packed orders, you will be sure that your supplies will be ready when you need them. Get in touch today to find out more about our wholesale fencing supplies.


Custom garrison fencing is also available upon your request.

1 2000 x 1200
40mmx40mmx1.60m & 2.00mm 2.50mm etc
2 2000 x 1500
3 2000 x 1800
4 2400 x 1200
5 2400 x 1500
6 2400 x 2100
7 2400 x 2400
8 1800 x 1200
9 1800 x 1500
10 1800 x 1500
11 1500 x 1200
The size and style also can produce by customer requirements.

Fencing Post

65mmx65mmx2.00mm 75mmx75mmx2.0mm 80mmx80mmx3.00mm and so on

Optional Picket (Upright Tubes) Welding

Spears are punched through the horizontal 40 x 40 mm tubing, welded, and face-to-face welding.

Garrison Fencing Gates

Gates are essential to any commercial facility’s security measures, be it for business or industrial applications; security gates provide physical boundaries and added protection. Popular commercial fences and gates often are made of garrison security gates. Garrison gates offer a variety of features and benefits, suitable for both commercial properties as well as industrial sites that require heavy-duty security.

Garrison gates, just like garrison fences, are made from steel panels. Steel is an excellent material for security fencing and gate due to its durability; it’ll last for years without needed maintenance or replacement. This long lifespan and strength will provide peace of mind that it will not need replacing in the foreseeable future. Garrison gates are not only highly effective at keeping intruders out but add aesthetic value and prestige to your premises. Custom security gate installations can be made from a range of designs. Garrison gates can be converted to sliding gates. These can be fully automated or manually operated to suit your needs.

Garrison Fencing Accessories


Crimped Spear, Flat Top,45° mitered picket. We strongly recommend the crimped spear; the type of picket tops on the fences are firmly pressed – designed to deter and obstruct criminals.

Mitred 45° picket 

Crimped & Pressed Picket Spear

crimped spear picket of garrison fencing panels

Flat Top Picket 

flat top picket garrison fenciing panels


Stain Black Powder Minimum 100 microns or other RAL Colours, Hot dipped Galvanized, Pre-galvanized upon the requirements.

Powder Coated

Advantages garrison fence

Made from the best in steel products, specifically powder-coated steel, our Garrison fencing is corrosion and rust-resistant. All materials used to construct our garrison panels are made to last and comply with the highest Australian standards. It’s no wonder it’s often the most common choice for commercial, government or industrial projects. Garrison fencing is an excellent solution when you require a high level of security for your property but do not want to give the appearance of imprisonment or entrapment. Ideal for schools, sporting facilities and commercial or industrial properties, this is a smart-looking fence that makes intrusion incredibly difficult, and once installed, it instantly adds value.


  • Attractive. Garrison security fencing gives your premises a fresh corporate appearance. It comes standard in a black hot dip galvanized finish or can be powder-coated in a color of your choice to suit the design of your property. The fences are available in 3 heights and can be fitted between structural features. Custom garrison sliding and swing gates can be installed to match your new fence.
  • Durable. The main benefit of garrison fencing is its incredible durability. The fences are designed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance; in most cases, they never need replacing. This is because the garrison is made from tough tubular steel reinforced to endure weather, prevent corrosion and resist intruders. It is notoriously challenging to cut or break.
  • Secure. To enhance the protection of your property.
  • Compared with Other types of fencing, what are garrison fencing's advantages?

Packing of Garrison Fencing Panels

Fence Panels Packing

garrison fencing panels packing

Garrison Fencing Post Packing

Container Loading

garrison security fencing post container load

garison fencing container loading

Why Choose Us?

Our high-quality materials ensure a long-lasting fencing solution. BMP is the leading manufacturer of wholesale garrison fencing materials with an extensive range of components in stock, ready for prompt dispatch. A Secure Fence That Looks Great Too. Our wholesale fencing comprises heavy-duty steel components that make cutting through the fence panels almost impossible. Your clients can be assured that their garrison fencing will provide the protection needed for their property. To prevent corrosion, we supply steel post caps with our wholesale garrison fencing materials that withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Unlike plastic caps, steel caps do not split over time. All steel components are fully galvanized on the inside and outside of the steel to ensure the fencing will stand firm for years to come, with minimal maintenance required.





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