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decorative perforated metal sheet


Product Description:

decorative perforated metal sheet

As its name implies, decorative perforated sheet metal is punched or perforated into a series of regular holes or patterns on a metal sheet by a punching machine.

The material can be galvanized sheets, aluminum sheets and panels, stainless steel sheets & plates, copper and brass sheet, etc. The round hole is the most common and economic pattern. In addition, there are square holes, diamond holes, slotted holes, hexagonal holes, and other decorative patterns. The surface of the punched panels can be polished, powder-coated, antique,

The architectural perforated metal sheet is widely used, such as acoustic ceiling tiles and flooring of buildings, sound-absorbing materials in the interior; Infill panels of the balcony and stair railings, balusters, guardrails; Architecture cladding, building facades systems, room divider screens, metal tables and chairs; protective covers for mechanical equipment and speakers, fruit and food baskets, etc.

A decorative perforated metal sheet, a choice of designs of enhancing appearance, is a sheet that is punched with stunning hole shapes. It is mainly used for architecture applications where there is a need for aesthetic effect, whether interior trim or exterior decoration.

Finish decorative perforated metal sheet

Our company can supply decorative perforated sheets in different materials, including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass, etc. As your request, the sheets can be surface treated, for example:

  • Galvanizing.

  • Powdering coating.

  • Anodizing.

  • High and brilliant polish.

  • Reflective shine or dull mill finish, etc.

We offer various decorative metal sheets with patterned openings. Please see the photos for more products; our products are not limited to the above styles but can also be customized by customers.

What specification you should provide to us 

When ordering the conventional perforated sheet, please let us know the following specifications:

  • Material type
  • Surface treatment: Galvanized, polished, powder coated or other treatment
  • Pattern style: round hole, square hole, slot hole
  • Hole size
  • Hole shape
  • Spacing & configuration
  • Thickness (gauge)
  • Perforated sheet size
  • Quantity

Patterns of decorative perforated metal sheet





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