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collapsible wire mesh containers


Product Description:

collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

Collapsible wire mesh containers Metal Storage Cage Storing Cage using Q-235 steel contour as raw material. Again through touch welding forming semi-finished products of mesh. Making mesh can use galvanized or coating surface treatment(storing cage most use galvanized processing). After surface treatment, wire mesh containers can assemble it, finally made into finished products. The size of the storing cage according to the actual needs of customers' products production.



  • 1. Handle, transport and store bulk parts and material efficiently.
  • Used in warehouses and workshops for goods containing and carrying, Transport and Store Bulk Parts easily, efficiently.
  • 2. Hard-working, returnable wire containers deliver high visibility savings
  • When Stocked the goods. It can see the goods from the Mesh Hole, and it is easy to distinguish the goods with high visibility Savings.
  • 3. Fully collapsible and stackable
  • After use, It can make foldable easily, save space
  • 4. Durable
  • Finished with galvanization and durable resisting corrosion shining and good looking.


Usage collapsible wire mesh containers

  • 1. Warehouse
  • People often use Wire Mesh Pallet Cage in the Warehouse to stock and stack the goods, and it is Visible, Convenient, Fast, Save Space, and easy to administrate.
  • 2. Workshop
  • Workers like to put the parts or cast into the Wire Mesh Pallet Cage, and It is easy to get out and put in, Save Time and make the process smoothly.
  • 3. Express and Transportation
  • Nowadays, As the Express and Transportation's Development, There is Greater demand for Wire Mesh Pallet Cage, to Store and transport.

Specifications collapsible wire mesh containers

A Series
Item No. Specification Wire diameter Mesh gauge Load capacity Self-weight Feet height Load quantity
External size (L*W*H)(mm) Internal size (L*W*H)(mm) (mm) (mm) (kg) (kg)±2% (mm) 20' FT 40 ' FT
A1-800 800*600*640 750*550*500 5.8 50*50 800 29 100 357 726
A1-700 5.6 50*50 700 27.8
A1-600 5.3 50*50 600 23
A1-400 4.8 50*50 400 20.6
A2-600 5.8 50*100 600 25
A3-1000 6.3 50*50 1000 33
B Series
B1-1200 1000*800*840 950*750*700 5.8 50*50 1200 44 100 210 462
B1-1000 5.6 50*50 1000 42
B1-800 5.3 50*50 800 35.6
B1-600 4.8 50*50 600 30.7
B2-1000 5.8 50*100 1000 39.5
B3-1500 6.3 50*50 1500 51
C Series
C1-1500 1200*1000*890 1150*950*750 5.8 50*50 1500 60 100 144 324
C1-1200 5.6 50*50 1300 55
C2-1000 5.8 50*100 1000 53
C2-800 5.6 50*100 800 48
C3-200 6.3 50*50 2000 68
Remark:(1) Customized size: the size, wire diameter, mesh gauge can be customized as your design. (2) Surface treatment: galvanized or powder coating.


1. Wire Mesh Containers can use it for the tridimensional storage of bulk materials.
2. This product is fully galvanized and has good corrosion ability.
3. Wire Mesh Containers can add polypropylene hollow sheet (PP plate sheet) to prevent the loss of small parts.
4. The wire mesh size can be adjusted according to the actual materials to prevent losing.
5. This product can be used with rack / shelves or pallets.
6. Flexible door design, easy access to goods even while stacking.
7. Vertical interlayer can be added to the stillage according to the actual use.
8. This product can be equipped with a one-side open, two-side open or top cover / lid according to the actual use.
9. Using a forklift to stack the racks, increasing the utility rate of space.
10. Containers can add casters to the base to facilitate the transfer of goods, and we have a variety of casters to choose from.
11. These Wire Mesh Containers can add retractor / Runner Bar to the base to realize centralized safety turnover of multiple cages.
12. Stacking can come true whether convenient storage and transportation at full or empty loading conditions.





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