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Speaker Mesh


Product Description:

The superior quality Perforated Speaker Mesh Fabrics provided by us is fabricated using industrial-grade materials such as Aluminium, M.S., G.I., G.P. & CRCA, which offers anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive properties to them. Manufactured using precision tools and machines, our Perforated Speaker Mesh caters to any and every requirement of covering speakers. Available in hole patterns of varying sizes and shapes created by Punching presses, the Perforated Speaker Mesh offered by us has carved a niche for itself in markets across the globe.

Quick Information

  • Material of Construction: M.S.; G.I.; G.P.; CRCA
  • Perforated speaker mesh Sizes: Maximum Width:900mm  Length: Customized
  • Perforation Diameter Range: From 1.1 mm to 6mm in round hole patterns
  • Widely used in Electronic Products, Heavy Machines, Automobiles, Audio and video systems,
  • Public speaking systems, Speakers, Architectural Equipment, Filters.
  • Packaging of perforated  mesh:
  • In shrink wrapper to avoid the damages in transit.
  • As per Client requirements

   Perforated metal, also known as stainless steel perforated sheet, perforated screen, is sheet metal that has been mechanically stamped or punched to create a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes. Used to make the perforated mesh of the speaker grill, we will apply the surface treatment (Spray, polishing, oxidation treatment, galvanized, etc.) to the product. On the one hand, the speaker grille made of perforated mesh will be more beautiful and generous, and on the other hand, it will increase the rust resistance of the speaker grille and prolong the product's service life.

Speaker Mesh Material:

Stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate.

 Product Surface:

Spray, polishing, oxidation treatment, galvanized, etc.

Product Punching shape:

Square, rectangular, round, diamond, oblong, hexagon or unique.

Speaker Mesh Feature:

  • - High-quality, smooth surface.
  • - Easy to process and install, good sound absorption.
  • - Durable and long service life.
  • - Attractive appearance and wide range of thicknesses available.


The perforated metal speaker grill is made of woven wire or perforated mesh, which chooses low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire mesh as material. The perforated metal speaker grille is the most common use.

Application of the perforated Metal speaker Mesh grill:

A Perforated Metal Speaker Grill is usually found in front of the earphone and loudspeaker, which mount directly over the face of the speaker driver. It is mainly used to protect the driver element, speaker internals and other audio components from foreign objects while allowing the sound to pass. However, because it sits in the direct path of the driver, the grille interacts with the sound produced.






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