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Perforated Sheet Metal Home Depot


Product Description:

Perforated sheet metal home depot is made with CNC machine computer punching, featuring accurate hole, uniform opening size distribution, can be used for architectural security screen, architectural curtains wall, partitions, guards, highway fence backing metal screen, perforated sheet decorative grilles and other engineering and industrial uses.

Quick Information Perforated Sheet Metal Home Depot

  • Materials: Galvanized Plate, Cold Plate, Low Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminium Plate, Alloy Plate, etc.
  • Features: The surface is flat, smooth, beautiful, firm and practical. Aesthetic appearance, corrosion resistance, high safety factor, and many industries for fencing. The thickness: 0.1mm-20mm, and the aperture can reach 0.1mm.
  • Hole Styles: We can manufacture long holes, round holes, triangle holes, lightly pull scale holes, etc. We could make holes according to our customers.
  • Uses Mining, Chemistry, Agriculture, Architecture, Air and Oil Filters, the Screening process for Grain, Drying,
    Furniture, Hammer Mills, indoor sound insulation, etc.
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized and PE/PVC coated. Galvanized, including hot-dip, galvanized, and electric galvanized.
  • Colors: white, green, blue, red, yellow etc. aluminum plate, iron plate.

Home depot Perforated sheet metal Specifications

Hole diameter Staggered Centers Sheet Thickness Open Area
0.045” 1.14mm 0.066 0.033-0.039” 0.84-0.99mm 37%
1/16” 1.59mm 3/32” 0.027-0.033” 0.68-0.84mm 41%
5/64” 1.98mm 1/8” 0.027-0.053” 0.68-1.35mm 35%
0.081” 2.06mm 1/8” 0.053-0.066” 1.35-1.68mm 38%
3/32” 2.38mm 5/32” 0.053-0.066” 1.35-1.68mm 33%
1/8” 3.17mm 3/16” 0.027-0.127” 0.68-3.23mm 40%
5/32” 3.97mm 3/16” 0.027-0.066” 0.68-1.68mm 63%
3/16” 4.76mm 1/4” 0.027-0.127” 0.68-3.23mm 50%
1/4” 6.35mm 3/8” 0.033-0.111”,0.25.” 0.84-2.82mm.6.35mm 40%
3/8” 9.52mm 1/2” 0.053”-0.082”,3/16” 1.35-2.08mm,4.76mm 51%
3/8” 9.52mm 9/16” 0.059’,0.119” 1.50mm,3.02mm 40%
1/2” 12.70mm 11/16” 0.033-0.127” 0.84-3.23mm,4.76mm 48%
1/4” Hex 6.35mmHex 0.285 0.027-0.033’ 0.68-0.84mm 76%
3/8” Sq. 9.52mmSq. 0.053-0.066” 1.35-1.68mm 51%

Product Applications

  • 1). Noise control barriers wall construction objects, generator room, factories,
  • 2). Can also be used in the building ceiling, wall of sound-absorbing material;
  • 3). Can be used for building stairs, balconies, tables and chairs in the beautifully decorated plate of Environmental protection;


  • 1). Perforated sheet metal home depot Various kinds of hole patterns.
  • 2). Bending resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • 3). Easy to process and install, good sound absorption
  • 4). Durable and long service life.
  • 5). Perforated sheet metal home depot Attractive appearance and wide range of thickness available.





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