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Heavy-duty storage containers


Product Description:

Heavy-duty storage containers, also known as butterfly cage, storage cage, pallet cage, high-quality steel hardened by the cold welded high strength, load capacity, rugged, and convenient transportation can re-use reduce the storage and packaging enterprise human consumption costs, not only for plant production workshop, warehouse and transportation turnover, can also be used as a display of supermarket sales and warehouse.

A foldable rolling metal storage cage is an essential logistics storage, and transportation of containers, store items with fixed capacity stacked neatly and stored at a glance, accessible to the inventory, and improve the effective utilization of warehouse space. It can make foldable and stackable to save storage space when not used. Storage cage commonly used three kinds: the first kind is storage cage with wheels, the second is storage cage with the foot, can stackable, the third is the combination of the wheels and foot.


supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy, warehouse

Key Features:

  • 1. All types of popular heavy-duty storage containers with the function of pallet and cage.
  • 2. Widely used for bulk materials handling, transportation and storage, especially for automotive parts, accessories and spare parts, hardware, machinery, electronics etc.
  • 3. Be made of dot welded line steel with the bottom part of U shape steel weld support to reach the enforcement of the structure.
  • 4. Stack up to three cages high easily.
  • 5. Half drop front gate, allows easy access into cage even when stacked.
  • 6. Electric galvanized surface treatment, so it is beautiful and durable.
  • 7. High load capacity to 500-2000kg.

Advantage heavy-duty storage containers

1)Welded wire mesh structure
2)Electro-galvanized finish Powder coated finish is available
3)Stackable, collapsible, folds flat to save space
4)Drop gate for easy access when stacked
5)Easy fork access from all sides
6)Lowest maintenance cost
7)Many available sizes and capacity

Specification of heavy-duty storage containers

Different sizes, specifications, and colours are available according to customers' needs.

Type/Dimensions(mm) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Load Capacity(kg) per unit Stacking Layers Surface Treatment
EG1210 1200 1000 900 500-3000 4-5 Powder Coating/Galvanized
EG1289 1200 1000 890 500-3000 4-5 Powder Coating/Galvanized
EG1080 1000 800 850 500-3000 4-5 Powder Coating/Galvanized
EG8060 800 600 650 500-3000 4-5 Powder Coating/Galvanized

Photo heavy duty storage containers 





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