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Green wall mesh


Product Description:

Green wall mesh

Green wall wire mesh is ideal for green wall engineering, where people lay a layer of stainless steel wire mesh outside the building to plant green plants. The purpose is to regulate the buildings' temperature and protect the building. Green walls shade the windows in summer, and the sun warms the room when winter leaves fall. Research has shown that green walls have significantly reduced energy consumption. When the exterior walls of the building are completely covered by greenery, it can also reduce noise and electromagnetic pollution, increase green space, improve air quality, and be conducive to the health of residents. Stainless steel wire rope mesh has become more prevalent in recent years, and it has become a fashionable way of greening. More importantly, it helped architects make their innovations in building construction a reality.

Green Wall Cable Mesh Material: Stainless steel 304,304L,316,306L etc.

SS304 (%) C:≤0.07, Si :≤1.0, Mn :≤2.0, Cr :17.0-19.0, Ni :8.0-11.0, S :≤0.03, P :≤0.035
SS316 (%) C:≤0.08, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P≤:0.035, S:≤0.03, Ni:10.0-14.0, Cr:16.0-18.5
SS316L (%)C:≤0.03, Si:≤1.00, Mn:≤2.00, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.030, Cr:16.0~18.0, Ni:12.0~15.0


  • 1. High strength, strong toughness,free-angles curving and folding, easy transportation and installment.
  • 2. Anti-rust, Anti-corrosive, resist the rust, can be repeated use.
  • 3. Resists chewing by rodents and other pests (tensile strength approximately 100-110,000 PSI)
  • 4. This product can very much bear the heavy snow and gale.
  • 5. Without toxic material, safety, environmental protection.
  • 6. Fast delivery time and ship
  • 7. save cost

Features green wall mesh

  • The rope wire mesh green wall improves the thermal performance of the building as it helps regulate the building temperature.
  • stainless steel rope mesh green walls improve air quality by vacuuming and smoking.
  • Coronet green walls can help building walls prevent graffiti or other damage.
  • It is still resistant to corrosion and rust, despite its direct exposure to sunlight or suffering from severe weather such as heavy rain and snow.
  • Custom-Manufacturer
  • Discrete, elegant and flexible.
  • Multifunctional and compatible with the innovative architecture.
  • Premium Quality, Rugged, Weather-Resistant, Non-Corroding and Corrosion-resistant, Alkali Resistant


  • 1. animal enclosure
  • 2. drop safety
  • 3. mesh for the playground, amusement park
  • 4. stair railing, railing balustrade
  • 5. safety net
  • 6. safety on bridge, suspension bridge
  • 7. protect use fence
  • 8. building decorative etc.

Green Wall Cable Mesh Net Shown

Specifications of Green Wall Mesh

We make two specifications of stainless steel wire rope mesh. It is assumed that the clamped mesh is stretched to form a 60 ° angle at the top and bottom of the diamond for measurement purposes.

  • OW = Opening Width
  • OH = Opening Height
  • d = Cable Diameter
  • θ = 60° Angle

Cable diameter Mesh opening size Nominal break
inch mm inch mm lbs.
1/8 3.2 2×2 51×51 1600
3/32 2.4 3×3 76×76 920
3/32 2.4 2×2 51×51 920
5/64 2.0 2×2 51×51 676
5/64 2.0 1-1/2x 1-1/2 38×38 676
1/16 1.6 1-1/2x 1-1/2 38×38 480
1/16 1.6 1×1 25.4×25.4 480
3/64 1.2 1-1/2x 1-1/2 38×38 270
3/64 1.2 1×1 25.4×25.4 270


1. Knotted Green Wall mesh is a plain weave; each warp wire rope crosses alternately above and below each weft wire rope. Warp and weft wire ropes generally have the same diameter.
2. Ferruled wire mesh for Green Wall is of the same physical properties as the knotted mesh; the only difference is in the combination style, the stainless wire rope are combined by the ferrules, which are made of the same grade stainless steel.





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