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Collapsible wire mesh containers


Product Description:

Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers, also known as wire mesh containers or wire mesh baskets, are made from high-quality metal materials with mesh girds. In warehouses and industrial transportation occasions, these collapsible cages are very popular.



  Dimensions collapsible wire mesh containers  Wire gauge Gird size Leg height Volume Stack level Capacity
Length*Width*Height (mm) (mm) (mm) (m³) (kg)
  1000*800*840 4.8 50*50 100 0.52 4 500
  800*600*640 6 50*100 100 0.22 4 600
  800*600*640 6 50*50 100 0.22 4 800
  1000*800*840 6 50*100 100 0.52 4 1000
  1200*1000*890 6 50*100 100 0.84 4 1000
  1000*800*840 6 50*50 100 0.52 4 1500
  1200*1000*890 6 50*50 100 0.84 4 2000

Advantages collapsible wire mesh containers 

  • 1. collapsible wire mesh containers made of Durable metal storage cages can store various products that offer better protection than standard pallets.
  • 2. zinc plate surface-treated wire mesh containers can abuse rust and corrosion even for outdoor usage.
  • 3. Collapsible space-saving design makes wire mesh cages very friendly to bulky storage and delivery.
  • 4. Simple structure with four-sided access to stored products, wire mesh cages provide easy and fast operation.
  • 5. Having excellent visibility, the inventory sorting and discovery are improved with high efficiency.

Usages collapsible wire mesh containers 

collapsible wire mesh containers and cages are collapsible when not utilized in warehouses, saving a lot of storage space. Massively used in warehouses for storing and transporting, metal mesh baskets are recyclable, reducing resource waste and packaging consumption. Customized sizes, types and modes of metal cages can adapt to multiple storage demands in different environments. For example, in the supermarket, storage cages can store different sizes of goods for displaying; in factories, wire mesh containers can store small or irregular items and stack up to 4 layers; in distribution centres, these wire mesh cages can also be located on the shelves for additional storage and protection; wire mesh containers designed with wheels can move freely in distribution centres for fast order picking and sorting. Mostly, mesh storage containers can be handled by various vehicles such as forklifts, elevated cranes, and pallet trucks, making them very flexible for industrial application.

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