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304 stainless steel perforated sheet


Product Description:

304 stainless steel perforated sheet

304 stainless steel perforated sheet, also known as punched metal, is the most popular and versatile metal mesh product. They are made from the sheets or coils of metals, which are uniformly punched and have various hole sizes, shapes, and configurations. Perforated metal has various patterns by using different molds. Perforated metal sheets can be thick or thin in sheet thickness of materials, and it also has small or large aesthetically appealing openings.

304  stainless steel perforated mesh has excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance and good weldability and formability. It can withstand corrosive solutions and harsh cleaning and is often used in food-processing applications.

We can also shear or form the perforated sheets to any specification or desired shape. Because of that excellent characteristic,  stainless steel perforated sheet is widely used in industrial decoration, equipment guards, screens, ceiling, curtain wall, ventilation etc.


304 stainless steel perforated sheet is available in various thicknesses and hole shapes according to the applications and projects requirements. We keep more than 350 sets of mold to make sure they match clients` requirements. We can also make the design punch tooling suitable for architectural and decorative metal uses. The most common type we produce includes carbon steel perforated, aluminum perforated, stainless steel perforated mesh.

  • Hole shape: round, square & rectangular, slot, hexagon, oblong, diamond and other decorative shapes.
  • Sheet size:1ft. × 4ft., 2ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 4ft., 4ft. × 8ft., or tailored to your desired size.
  • Thickness: gauge 3 to 36 or as your requirement.
  • Material: 304, 316, 430, 410, 301, 302, 303, 321, 347, 416, 420, 430, 440, etc. Other standards materials are also available as your requirements.


Application 304 stainless steel perforated sheet :

 stainless steel perforated sheets have a variety of applications in architectural, commercial, industrial and decoration, such as suspended ceiling, curtain wall cladding, interior decoration, security, ventilation, filters, vents, guards, shelving, window protection, screens, diffusers, acoustics and soundproofing, louvers and ventilation, etc.





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